Blandine Anderson

After completing her Fine Art Ceramics (BA Hons) at Exeter College of Art and Design, Blandine taught for five years at colleges in Somerset before setting up her first ceramic studio in Devon in 1988.

Inspiration for Blandine's work comes from the landscape of her immediate surroundings in North Devon. Her unique ceramic sculptures are individually hand-built in either porcelain or stoneware clay using slab and pinch building methods, followed by modelling and carving. No moulds or other repeat methods are used within the building process – except for some tiny sprigged animals in some of the smaller landscapes. Stenciled and incised details are added before the first firing. Colours are applied as slips, glazes, oxides, enamels and lustres. Works are fired at least three times, the highest temperature being 1230 Centigrade. All of the works are unique and cannot be repeated.

Blandine’s painted works employ both Acrylics and Oil-paint. More recently, she has favoured heavily textured oil paint, built up in thick layers, which is combed, scratched and scumbled - to echo the textural qualities found in her ceramic works.

Blandine has exhibited her ceramics and paintings throughout the British Isles in many solo and group exhibitions. Her work is held in collections world-wide.