Angela Melkis

Born in Coventry, Angela now lives and paints full-time in Dunchurch, where the agricultural landscape of Warwickshire is often the inspiration for her paintings.

Her work is not an attempt to give a photographic representation of the subject but to capture the initial first impression, be it the line, colour or texture that was the first interest, holding the image in her head and then painting from memory: with very few reference sketches or photographs, there is more freedom to use memory and imagination. This helps to create a more simplified image, which is a delicate balance between abstract and representational. Playing with the perspective and space within the picture helps to achieve an uncluttered image of what remains in the mind’s eye after first seeing the subject.

Angela’s latest series of paintings is inspired by the bold textures and patterns found in modern crop farming, and the impact this has on our landscape. Although the use of texture is prominent, the paintings still have a delicate feel.